Vance Joy – Riptide – Xavier Capdepon Remix

Below is a music video of Xavier Capdepon’s latest remix of the popular Vance Joy song, Riptide. Xavier found an acapella of the song on youtube, and slowed the vocals down to a dubstep bmp of 70. He did not go the normal dubstep route, but instead created a more indie ambiance to fit the melodic vocals. The drop uses a dubstep drum beat with a melodic piano that create the ambiance of happiness and joy. The song was inspired by a friend who was obsessing over the song earlier that week, so Xavier decided to take a shot at the vocals and create this remix. Xavier likes to create songs around vocals, which is not typical in the production world. This way, he is able to keep up with popular songs, and attempt to create a song around popular lyrics. Take a listen below!